Today the business activity of a company in poses a huge challenge to the businessman, including the challenge of legal nature. Not infrequently the head of a company or person managing has not enough time to manage the firm in a comprehensive way, and most importantly, consistent with the law. Our Law Firm has here in mind the legal services, which accompany the company from the very beginning, and it is extremely important for the further growth of a business. A frequent change of laws and their interpretation made by courts and other bodies, leads to the fact that very often businessman have a problems with the proper understanding and application of a specific legal institution. In this area, - in our opinion- the cooperation between the company and law firm becomes very important and valuable to both parties.

The choice and duration of the cooperation, our law firm leaves to the full and free assessment of the person representing the company. It is important to underline that, the establishment of commercial courts forces indirect the businessman to get legal support to protect their interests. 

In conclusion, in our opinion, using legal aid can only produce positive effects for the company who, with the possibility of professional services, will be protected in everyday business from mistakes and lost lawsuits.

We offer our clients:

  1. 1.The creation of new businesses (commercial companies, one-man business, associations)

  2. 2.current services for companies operating on the market

  3. 3.Pre-trial representation of the companies and legal support in the process

  4. 4.Participate in business meetings and securing them from the legal side as well as legal assistance during the negotiations and discussions

  5. 5.Phone consultations on current issues

  6. 6.Drafting commercial contracts and other writings needed for current business

  7. 7.Drafting legal opinions

  8. 8.Tax and compensation advice.


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