Our Law Firm provides services to individual clients. Focusing on serving this group of clients, we offer services in the following areas:

  1. 1.Civil Law - the representation of our clients in matters that are settled by the courts, in matters that can be resolved amicably, on matters arising from contracts (the codified as well as not codified) and others. We also represent clients in matters of pay, compensation, redress.

  2. 2.Criminal Law - We defend our clients in proceedings before the law enforcement and judicial authorities (Polish and foreign bodies) derivation of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the representation of our clients in criminal enforcement proceedings and in matters of claiming compensation for wrongful detention and overcrowding. We also help in matters of mediation between the parties.

  1. 3.Labor Law - we represent employees and employers in all matters relating to:

-Unlawful dismissal

-Lack of work certification

-Obtaining redundancy payment and other claims arising from employment

-Obtaining benefits for accidents at work

-Represents employers before the National Labour Inspectorate, State Sanitary Inspectorate and other authorities with whom the Employers have daily contact.

  1. 4.Construction law - We represent our clients from the beginning of the application in a particular case to state authorities, until the final and successful resolution.

  1. 5.Compensation law and Insurance law - we represent our clients in claims asserted by civil process in the civil courts and other bodies (arbitration).

  1. 6.Real estate law - we represent our clients in completing the formalities for the purchase / sale contracts. We are working with notary offices, we handle the formalities related to the building permit, the conditions of development and issues related to obtaining other permits (utility, natural gas plant, other state institutions) .

  1. 7.Family Law - We represent our clients in matrimonial matters (divorce, separation, annulment of marriage), issues between parents and children (parental support, alimony, contacts).


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